SMS Server Tools 3


Files of SMS Server Tools 3 will be extracted to the smstools3 directory.

The OSSP mm Shared Memory Library (libmm) is only needed if statistics function is enabled.
This function is disabled by default.

Downloadable files:

Latest version is at the bottom.

If you are going to make a link to these files, please kindly notify: it's not recommended because different versions do not stay available forever. Old and therefore unneeded versions are removed periodically and new are coming. Instead of linking to the files, please link to this URL.

mm-1.4.2.tar.gz   337 KB   2009-09-14 09:18
smstools3-3.1.15.tar.gz   293 KB   2012-10-21 19:37
smstools3-3.1.20.tar.gz   344 KB   2017-04-11 22:57

Windows users: download Cygwin from

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