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 Blacklist and Whitelist

Blacklist and Whitelist

If you need to disable some receivers to get messages you can create a blacklist file.

This is a simple text file that contains the phone numbers of the receivers that you want to disable. You can add comments that start with an # character.


 491721234567 # Michael Testman 
 44 # Do not allow any number in UK 
 s # Disallow all short numbers 

Important note:
When you send a message, the destination number may be either in international format or in any format starting with an s. When somebody shall not receive messages, then you need to do either

  • Disallow all short numbers
  • Blacklist regular international format and blacklist any alternative number formats. Start the alternative formats with an s.

 491721234567 # Michael Testman normal international format 
 s00491721234567 # Michael Testman alternative international format 
 s01721234567 # Michael Testman local format 
 s1234567 # Michael Testman alternative local format 


If you need to enable only a specified list of receivers, then you can create a whitelist file. Normally you do not have a whitelist - everybody can receive SM except those who are in the blacklist. If a recipient phone number is in both files it will not get a SM. The blacklist is more important.


 491721234567 # Stefan Frings 
 491721111111 # Test 
 44 # Allow any destination in UK 
 s8 # Allow all short numbers that start with an 8 

With the smsd version >= 3.1 whitelist can also specify a queue to be used.
This overrides automatic number based selection and can be overridden by the queue setting in the message file.


 # Messages to Stefan and Test are queued normally, 
 # because any queue is not yet defined. 
 491721234567 # Stefan Frings 
 491721111111 # Test 

 # Messages to UK and s8 numbers will use a queue specified: 
 44 # Allow any destination in UK 
 s8 # Allow all short numbers that start with an 8 

 # Other short numbers will use another queue: 

 [] # Setting can be cleared with empty brackets. 
 491722222222 # Another Test, queue not defined. 

Note: You can edit these files without restarting the program.

With the smsd version >= 3.1 you can also make a provider sorting using SQL tables, because message headers are read after the checkhandler is processed.

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