SMS Server Tools 3


  • This slideshow was made to give you an overview about the SMS Server Tools.

  • SMS Server Tools has been available from 2000 (as 1.x, starting from 2005 as 2.x).

    • SMS Server Tools is originally created by Mr. Stefan Frings.

    • The book SMS Applications is about version 2.x, however basic information applies to version 3.x too.

    • Developing of version 2.x is freezed at 2006. Bugs are fixed if any found.

  • Current and actively developed version is 3.x.

    • SMS Server Tools 3 is maintained by Mr. Keijo "Keke" Kasvi.

    • This project has moved to the new author at 2006.

    • After this enhanced version was created, more than 250 changes and enhancements are done (situation in 2009).

    • Developing of version 3.x continues...