SMS Server Tools 3

Final words

  • SMSD comes with some sample shell scripts (Eventhandler):

    • email2sms gateway
    • sms2email gateway
    • logging and storing into mysql database
    • Auto-responder
    • SQL database queries via SMS
    • sms2html converter

  • SMSD supports text messages in GSM, ISO8859-15, UTF-8 and UCS2 (Unicode) alphabet. It supports also binary messages like ringtones, operator logos and WAP Push.

  • SMSD can be used with up to 64 modems and it can run on a set of networked computers for redundancy.

  • SMSD runs on Windows, GNU/Linux, Solaris, MacOS, FreeBSD and possibly on all other Unix-style operating systems.

  • That's it. If you have further questions, please take a look at the SMSTools3 Community.

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