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Hardware compatibility

This Software needs a GSM modem with SMS command set according to the european specification GSM 07.05 (=ETSI TS 300 585), a character-based interface with hex-encoded binary transfer of message blocks ("PDU Mode") of it, and alphabet support according to the GSM 03.38 (=ETSI TS 100 900).

Mobile phones have more often compatibility issues than real GSM modems.

Some USB devices are not supported by Unix operating systems.

The following list is incomplete and very old, mostly from the version 1.x times and it's not actively updated. It shows devices that are reported as well working:

Falcom A1 (mode=old, baudrate=9600)
Falcom A2 (baudrate=9600)
Falcom A2-D (baudrate=9600)
Falcom Twist Serial
Falcom Twist MC35 (init string AT+CNMI=2,0,0,2,1)
Falcom Tango
Falcom Samba (init=AT^SSMSS=1)
Falcom Samba 75 (status report works with init = AT+CPMS="MT","MT","MT")
Nokia 30 (status report not tested)
Nokia 22 (baudrate=115200)
Motorola G18 (with init string ATE0)
Multitech Modem MTCBA-G-F2
Multitech Modem MTCBA-G-F4 (unless set to unsolicited mode)
Siemens M10 (baudrate=9600)
Siemens M20 (baudrate=19200 Status report works fine with some firmware versions.)
Siemens TC35 (init string AT+CNMI=2,0,0,2,1 Some firmware versions are bad)
Siemens MC35i (init string AT+CPMS="SM")
Wavecom M1206
Wavecom 1206 b
Wavecom M1306B

Vodafone Mobile Connect Card GPRS (from Option) (see Note 3)
Vodafone Mobile Connect Card 3G/GPRS (from Option) (see Note 3)
Vodafone Mobile Connect Card 3G/W-LAN/GPRS (from Option) (see Note 3)

Nokia 6210e
Nokia 6310
Nokia 7110 (only with original RS232 cable)
Ericsson GM22 (see Note 1)
Ericsson R320s (see Note 2)
Ericsson R320 (init string AT+CPMS="SM")
Ericsson T39m (init string AT+CPMS="ME","ME","ME")
Sony-Ericsson T300 (init string AT+CPMS="ME", baudrate=115200)
Sony Ericsson T60
Sony Ericsson T68
Sony Ericsson T65 (do not use kudzu on the serial port)
Siemens S25
Siemens C35 (baudrate=19200)
Siemens S35i
Siemens M45 (initialize with AT+CPMS="SM")
Siemens ME45 (initialize with AT+CPMS="ME")
Siemens M50
Sharp GX-10 (only infrared tested)
Siemens MC60, M55 (see Note 4)
SIMCOM SIM600 (see Note 6)

Probably all mobile phones support status report but you cannot read them out with a computer. Status reports appear only on the phones display.

Serial adapters and converters

USB2Serial adpater cables, based on Prolific PL2303 chip
Digi Etherlite ethernet to serial
Equinox multi Serial PCI cards
Digi Portserver II (see Note 5)
MOXA nPort 5410 (4 serial ports to ethernet), MOXA nPort 5210 (2 ports), both with TTY driver


1) Ericsson GM22

    You must cut pin 4 (wich is DTR) of the serial connector because the phone disables AT command set if the pin is connected and active. The GM22 does not support ascii mode. Mode=new and baudrate=9600 are the correct settings.

2) Ericsson R320s

    Replace put_command("AT+CREG?\r"...with put_command("AT+CREG?\n"... in modeminit.c. Set baudrate=115200 and mode=new. This phone was reported as unstable by one user.

3) Vodafone Mobile Connect Card

    Enter "memory_start=0" into the config file. If you removed the PIN protection from your SIM card, this modem says that the PIN is locked, which is not true. Remove the pin=1234 line from the config file, then the program will ignore that instead of stopping with an error message. The GNU/Linux driver for 3G/UMTS version can be loaded with the command "modprobe usbserial vendor=0x0af0 product=0x5000". It's assumed that loading the driver works similar for the other versions of that card. The device name is /dev/usb/ttyUSB0.

4) Siemens MC60, M55

    Siemens MC60 and M55 are reported by the user to work with the following settings:
      init = AT+CPMS="ME","ME","ME"
      init2 = AT+CNMI=1,1,0,2
      incoming = high
      report = yes
      baudrate = 115200
      send_delay = 20
      rtscts = no
      (a three pin cable was used)

5) Digi Portserver II

    After >= 3.1.5 use a modem setting send_delay = 0 to get higher speed for sending.


    After >= 3.1.5 use a modem setting check_memory_method = 5. See the How to configure for details.

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