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About message_limit and message_count_clear

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Jul 2013
Location: United States of America
First of all, thank you to coder(s) for a nice tool.

I am trying to understand how the variables message_limit and message_count_clear work.

The message_count_clear starts counting when message_limit was reached and then it resets after X minutes ?
Or does it simply resets every X minutes regardless if message_limit was reached or not ?

First one would mean that there will be a blank period when nothing is sent, doesn't sound effective.
Second one would make more sense and would mean that you could effectivly set an 100 messages per hour or so by these settings

Which one is it ?
Thank you.

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
It's the second one, as you already noticed. The counter is cleared every message_count_clear minutes, regardless of how many messages have been sent.

This feature was originally created to prevent mass sending, if some external process goes wild and produce a very large number of messages. In such a case the alarm is also helpful, and it can be produced by using the admin_to setting.

Jul 2013
Location: United States of America
Topic owner
Yes. Thanks. Great tool.

I just used it with Cygwin on Windows, I was wondering... in CentOS does it need drivers for each GSM stick or does it work directly with the mentioned devices ? I have no experience with these devices on linux.

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