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[solved] Question about executing command and returning results to new outgoing sms.

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Author Post
Aug 2013
Location: IL, United States of America
Operating system name and version: FreeBSD 8.1
Version of smsd: 3.1.14
Smsd installed from: ports
Name and model of a modem / phone: Huawei E220
Interface: USB

Hello, I've tested my Huawei E220 with FreeBSD using 'cu' and with SMS Server Tools 3 and I can successfully send and receive SMS messages.

Now I would like to figure out (or hire someone) how to execute an external command once an SMS has been received with data from the text message, and once the external command has executed, send a returning SMS to the originating number with the results of the external command.

For instance as an example only, if one were to send an incoming SMS with the message "server uptime", I'd like to check the uptime and respond to that individual with a text of the current uptime, or if an incoming message were to say "server uname", then the sender would receive a response of the command "uname -sr".

I'm very new here and do not completely understand the event-handler and alarm-handler but am willing to try and willing to pay for the help received, via PayPal.

Thank you.

Aug 2013
Location: IL, United States of America
Topic owner

After a few hours of searching and reading other posts, I was able to set it up exactly how I wanted with using a PHP script as my event handler.

So far things are working great.

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