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[answered] adjustment in the sms file

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Jul 2009
Location: Israel

when i create sms file with adjusment (at the header), the sms is arrive at my phone.
however when i remove the "Adjecment: ++..+", the sms is no longer arrive (even when i try again to restore the "Adjesment ++...+ at the header) and the log shows that the message sent correctly.

so the questions is:
what is the meaning of adjusment at the sms file ?

when messages didn't arrived, the logs showed that the message sent (and not failed),
how can i determine that message didn't sent correctly ?

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May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
The script smstest.php uses Adjustment header to provide better readable dump of a message when debugging and testing character set conversions of web page applications. This header has no other purpose and smsd just ignores it. From this sample dump it can be seen that message body begins from the start of a line:

I assume that you have removed this header creation code from the smstest.php script, right? Probably your new style message file is somehow broken.

If the sending fails, the log file should tell the reason. Please recheck your message file and the log.

You could also create a directory /var/spool/sms/failed and add a definition to the global part of smsd.conf:
failed = /var/spool/sms/failed

With this setting (remember to restart smsd) you can examine failed messages, for example:
To: 35840571XXXX
Fail_reason: No text or data
Failed: 09-07-30 12:26:17

Remember the message file format: first any number of header lines without empty lines between them. If the same header is defined twice, the last value is taken. After header part there should be single empty line and after this all the remaining is taken as a message body.

Jul 2009
Location: Israel
Topic owner

thanks for your replay.
i did removed the Adjusment from the smstest.php.

the problem is related to my phone.

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