Hello. I am new to Sms Server Tools 3, and have yet to configure my first modem.
Had I not been time pressed and would have waited more until asking for help.

I am planning to use Wavecom Q2406B 8 port modem with Sms Server Tools 3 to send SMS in windows environment (XP,windows7), using Cygwin. Did noticed the post by JFrancinaldo on this thread regarding that modem and posted there.
However, I haven't bought Wavecom Q2406B yet, and will try first to detect and set up my current modems:

- Huawei E3131
- Huawei E156G
- ZTE K3571-Z

None of these three modems are refferred on the forums.
Can you help, please?

Naturally, I will post any advances on the usage of these modems on this topic.
Thank you for your attention.

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