Ubuntu 13.04:
This Website downloaded newest version
Cinterion MC55i:
serial Interface(no usb converter a normal serial port)

hope my english is not too bad..

my problem is that the serial modem does not response

thats my log:
Device1 : <-
Device1 : -> AT
Device1 : Command is sent,waiting for the answer
Device1 : put_command expected (OK)|(ERROR), timeout occured. 1.
Device1 : <-

the device answer nothing no OK or something ....
i think the problem is not smstools3 but i cant talk to my com 1 :(
i tested it with minicom but i get no response
can someone help me why my system cant talk to my com 1
i know that com 1 is ttyS0 i also tested ttyS1 but is dont work