Operating system name and version: Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS
Version of smsd: Smsd v3.1.15
Smsd installed from: sources
Name and model of a modem / phone: Huawei E3131
Interface: USB

I have been using Smsd now for a couple of years. Originally on a windows 7 running Nokia 3120 phones once every few days smsd would shut down with a fatal error: cannot move
About 6 months back I changed to Ubuntu to help improve the file system transfer. at the time I was running with 7 Nokia phones.
About 2 months ago I changed all the phone to three Huawei E3131 dongles
All was going well till yesterday, now I am getting the conflicts quite often. twice yesterday and 3 times today

I have a feeling it might have to do with my databases not releasing the file in time before Smsd tries to move them.
In another topic I have noticed you put a delay and retry in for another user. Is that possible for me?

Below is part of my log file.

The system sends out about 2500 messages per day since the modem change, it peaks at 26-28 messages per minute

If Smsd fails it is normally within the first 10 messages.

Any help would be great.