Hi. Question about failed directory and files. Also about sent directory
1. I see in files string "Fail_reason: Modem initialization failed". I think its problems with equipment. Im I right?
2. Also I read that if destination phone in blacklist, sms-file also move to failed directory. Is any status (fail_reason) in file in this case?
3. Can anyone give me list of possible fail reasons?
4. I want to send messages which now in failed directory again. I can process all files or with proper fail_reason? For example, if destination phone number in black list, it makes no sense to send
this sms again.
5. Some files in "sent" directory has string "Status: 0,Ok,short message received by the SME". Is this correct list of possible statuses? https://www.proces-data.com/6A/002J1EFSED/CDRVO-01/Description_ENG.htm