Operating system name and version: Debian 7
Version of smsd: Last
Smsd installed from: sources
Name and model of a modem / phone: GSM 8 port BL-888-8 wavecom Q2406
Interface: USB

I use smstools for almost a year without major problems, but about a week i encountered a serious error in sending massive sms.

Here's an example:

From the portal of posting i such as 2000 credits, each credit is equal to 1 sms.
If I send one simple SMS there is no problem but if i try to send 1500 SMS, the credit ends and send only a little more than 150 SMS.

Checking the status of the server CPU reaches 100%.

I have the log but are about 150mb and frankly i do not know which part can be interesting because i have them analyzed and apparently i have not found any defect.

sorry for my english and thanks