I am using the tool in the link: http://smstools3.kekekasvi.com/topic.php?id=288 in order to convert string to hex.

The hex conversion for a string "*466*134*80092*1*10*9841298768#" is
2A9ACDA68ACD682A1C0C9693A962AA184C95C3D162B21CEE66C38D00 in PDU Message Entry/ Display but the hex for the same string is
2A9ACDA68ACD682A1C0C9693A962AA184C95C3D162B21CEE66C38D1A in USSD Entry/ Display.

My modem supports the Hex converted in USSD Entry to Transfer Balance but I am getting the HEX as shown in PDU Message Entry in My Project. How is it possible to get the format as in USSD Entry. Kindly help as it is very urgent.

Thanks in advance.