here we can get the famous program


tar xvfz smstools3-3.1.15.tar.gz

sudo make

here & now a necessary trick - because we have to repair a little bug :)
directory /var/smstools3 is now present, so we enter:

cd /var/smstools3/src/
to make a correction using your favorite editor, to me it's nano:
sudo nano Makefile

Let's find - in the lower part of file - this line:
override LFLAGS += -lsocket -lnsl

Now, place your curser in front of the 'o' from override and insert just a tab,
so the line will look like this after doing that:

ifeq (,$(findstring DISABLE_INET_SOCKET,$(CFLAGS)))
------- override LFLAGS += -lsocket -lnsl