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[answered] New Ping: Parameter

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Mar 2017
Location: Austria
I tried to use the "Ping: yes" parameter. The target phone is switched "on" and work well.


The log tells, that the SMS is sent, the sent-counter increase, but ther is no answer coming back to the incoming-folder. Looking to the log w/ loglevel=8 shows, that there is an increase of the ME-counter.

Each new Ping-SMS sent increases the ME-storage-counter, decreases the providers SMS-counter (so the SMS is recognized by the provider), but no incoming SMS with the ACK from the providers servicecenter (must be the increased ME-SMS-counter) ist extracted from the SIM and written to the incoming(_copy)-folder(s). After disconnecting the modem from USB (power off) the ME-counter starts with 0 (zero).

Anything I can do by myself?

regards, rob

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
You likely have some problem with receiving of status reports. I assume that you can receive normal (other than status report) messages without problems, right?

When a ping message is sent, status report is always requested. There is no other ACK available from the service center.

I would like to know what is the manufacturer and model of your modem, and I also like to see some details of that device. Use a modem setting report_device_details = yes, restart smsd and show those details from the log.

There might be SR memory which is used to store status reports, and even when the counter of ME is increased, SR memory should be used.

You could try the "dual memory handler":

primary_memory = ME
secondary_memory = SR
'smsdconf' Syntax Highlight powered by GeSHi

If that does not make any difference, details of your modem is strongly necessary. Also a manual of AT commands will be important, if you have a link for it available.

Mar 2017
Location: Austria
Topic owner
Your hint will fix the problem:

So I am set. My post describes no bug.

BTW: The modem is a ZTE MF112

Since years I was waiting to find a software who handles silent SMS in this way so i can remove my own home brewed solutions. So you and all others supporting SMSServerTools had done a great job.

Thank you all

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