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Auto restart modem handler

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May 2012
Location: Krasnodar, Russian Federation
My idea is to make some global setting wich will restart modem process every X minutes
In my case for some strange reason after some time modem still reply it's process, but incoming sms stops handling.
So now I have cronjob wich restarts smsServer ones a day.
This guarantee me that device will restore it's functionality if fail
It really helps
Or maybe you could offer another approach?

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
I think that the external watchdog script with cron, as you now have, is the best solution, as it can do many things which are not hard-coded into the smstools.

Smsd can have a child process which can do certain things, but if the whole smsd is stopped, the child is stopped too. If there is a reason to monitor if smsd is running, external watchdog is better for that. And in any case, the custom script is required.

I also have a similar problem with old Telit modems. Sometimes but fortunately rarely some of them communicates as usual, but radio connection to the SMSC stops working. Therefore an external watchdog running by cron stops the daemon every eight hours and performs a power-off-on reset to all modems, and starts the smsd again. The same watchdog also checks that all modem processes are running, and not in the "trouble" state.

Alarmhandler can also be used to create a "flag file" to the watchdog, to cause the whole reset if it seems to be necessary.

May 2017
Location: Praha, Czech Republic
Hi Keke,

can you post the watchdog script that resets the modems, so we can have a real world functionnal example.

Thanx in advance.

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