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[answered] Debian + Huawei E3372h-153 not working

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May 2017
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Operating system name and version: Debian 8.0
Version of smsd: 3.1.15
Smsd installed from: package repository
Name and model of a modem / phone: Huawei E3372h-153
Interface: USB

Hello all!

Please, help me to configure this device on Debian. I plug it, then use 'usb_modeswitch' to re-configure it as modem, not disk device. As I see using 'lsusb' modem is now working as modem, with another id. And using 'cat /proc/net/dev' - i see that new ethernet-interface was added.
In /dev i see 4 new devices ttyS0, ttyS1, ttyS2, ttyS3.
Then i install smstools 3.1.15 using apt-get.
devices = GSM1
outgoing = /var/spool/sms/outgoing
checked = /var/spool/sms/checked
incoming = /var/spool/sms/incoming
logfile = /var/log/smstools/smsd.log
infofile = /var/run/smstools/smsd.working
pidfile = /var/run/smstools/
outgoing = /var/spool/sms/outgoing
checked = /var/spool/sms/checked
failed = /var/spool/sms/failed
incoming = /var/spool/sms/incoming
sent = /var/spool/sms/sent
stats = /var/log/smstools/smsd_stats
loglevel = 7
receive_before_send = no
autosplit = 3

# init =
device = /dev/ttyS0
# incoming = yes
#pin =
baudrate = 115200

I tried to restart server, to plug-unplug modem, various things... The smsd.log is always say something like:
2017-05-16 15:49:49,2, smsd: Smsd v3.1.15 started.
2017-05-16 15:49:49,2, smsd: Running as smsd:dialout.
2017-05-16 15:49:49,7, smsd: Running startup_check (shell): /var/spool/sms/incoming/smsd_script.28w9Pi /tmp/smsd_data.auvw7P
2017-05-16 15:49:49,7, smsd: Done: startup_check (shell), execution time 0 sec., status: 0 (0)
2017-05-16 15:49:49,4, smsd: File mode creation mask: 022 (0644, rw-r--r--).
2017-05-16 15:49:49,5, smsd: Outgoing file checker has started. PID: 4161.
2017-05-16 15:49:49,7, smsd: All PID's: 4161,4162
2017-05-16 15:49:49,5, GSM1: Modem handler 0 has started. PID: 4162. Will only send messages.
2017-05-16 15:49:49,6, GSM1: Checking if modem is ready
2017-05-16 15:49:49,7, GSM1: -> AT
2017-05-16 15:50:59,5, smsd: Moved file /var/spool/sms/outgoing/sms1 to /var/spool/sms/checked
2017-05-16 15:50:59,7, GSM1: Command is sent, waiting for the answer
2017-05-16 15:51:04,7, GSM1: put_command expected (OK)|(ERROR), timeout occurred. 1.
2017-05-16 15:51:04,7, GSM1: <-
2017-05-16 15:51:05,7, GSM1: -> 
2017-05-16 15:58:31,7, GSM1: Command is sent, waiting for the answer
2017-05-16 15:58:31,2, smsd: Smsd mainprocess is awaiting the termination of all modem handlers. PID: 4161.
2017-05-16 15:58:31,7, GSM1: put_command expected (OK)|(ERROR), timeout occurred. 2.
2017-05-16 15:58:31,7, GSM1: <-
2017-05-16 15:58:31,2, GSM1: Failed to initialize modem GSM1. Stopping.
2017-05-16 15:59:01,2, GSM1: Modem handler 0 terminated. PID: 4162, was started 17-05-16 15:49:49.

I understand modem can't be initialized, but don't understand why.
Thanks in advance for any help!

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Are you sure about that ttyS0? Usually the port is ttyUSB0 and so on. You could use dmesg to check what ports were connected to the modem. Also use ls -l /dev/serial/by-id/ to see symlinks.

May 2017
Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russian Federation
Topic owner
You were absolutely right about ports. Using dmesg i saw that no ports were assigned to USB-dongle. And then i found information that Huawei e3372 exists in two hardware version.
E3372h - Hilink version, and E3372s - stick version. Stick version has virtual Com-port functionality, but Hilink has not. So, my problem is only hardware-problem. I must re-flash my hilink-version to stick. Or just buy another dongle.

Thank you very much for your reply, you are very kind man!

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