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Looking for rule how serail ttyUSBx are assigned to

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Mar 2016
Location: Germany
Raspian (debian) stretch :
how can I recognize the actual version ? I have just updated / upgraded by smstools by apt-get ...:
smstools was installed from raspian package
Name and model of a modem / phone : various Huawei modems and Medion (ALDI) modems
Interface: USB adapter...

I am using all kinds of modems very successfully with smstools and wvdial (internet connection). One issue remains:

What is the rule, how ttyUSBx serial lines are connected either to wvdial or to smstools ? How can I find out automatically that in scripts or in the appropriate config files the right serial interfaces are linked to the right application.

e.g. - smstools is momentarily linked to /dev/serial/by-id/usb-MediaTek_Inc_Product-if03-port0 (which is momentarily pointing to ttyUSB1), whereas wvdial is blocking ttyUSB0

Is this always? Why not vice versa?

Can it be different for other modem types? As I am often changing modem types I am looking for a routine which does find out automatically - such as wvdialconf does ...!

Any advice, how this cumbersome manual adapting / testing the right serial interface can be automated is appreciated!

Thanks in advance!

Mar 2019
Location: Australia
this has help me to some degree--

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