Hi all

I love smstools, I've been relying on it for years now, to send ~6k SMS / month.
I tried a month ago to install smstools on an Ubuntu machine.
The machine is very stable on Ubuntu 21.10
However, I tried to install smstools from source, as explained in the "how to compile/install" page.
On Ubuntu 21.10 I got an error

Full output https://gist.github.com/renanlecaro/8b0ee1b26cef1de39b9bc6cbc2e52250

So I tried downgrading to 20.04, I could get the compilation working there.
The problem is, my device is very unstable on 20.04
Only today I realized you can install smstools from apt-get on Ubuntu 21.10
I'll upgrade my machine and go this way, but now I'm wondering why this way of installing is not put to the front in the "How to compile/install" page, to help beginners get started.