Just found SMSTools and love it! Thought it would be polite to drop in and say thank you for such a great tool. I've been trying to come up with better ways to emulate SMS from my servers for quite a while, you gave me the real thing!

I still have a lot of work ahead of me in the form of scripts, event handlers and security but I was amazed at how easy this was to setup and have working. My biggest problem was deciding on what gsm hardware might work but I realize now that I was over complicating the issue and pretty much any phone will work. I ended up pulling an old Sony Ericsson out of the closet and had it communicating over bluetooth in under an hour. I initially had a problem with receiving messages but trolling a few forums quickly made me realize that my phone was moving sm from sim to local memory so all I needed was an init string of AT+CPMS="ME".

So, once again thank you very much for a great tool. I'm really excited about the potential this brings to my network.


If you want to add it to the Hardware Compatiblity list a Sony Ericsson z520a works with bluetooth and usb connections.