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[answered] sms push over network

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Oct 2009
Location: Latvia
I would need to make some kind of sms data push over the network to another server (web).

There the main problem will be protect the system from network or remote server failures.
I.e. to not process messages if the target server is not available or the target server did not say that message was received.

It seems that it is not possible with eventhandler.
But it seems, that "regular_run" could be used for such configuartion.

In the similar way regular run could check outcoming queue on a remote server.

Is my idea in right direction?


May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
I'm not sure if I understood your requirement correctly :(. Please correct me.

Your smsd should know if a remote server is available, and if it's not, no more messages are received, right?

In the SIM or ME, there might be some 30 or 50 slots available for messages. If your smsd stops receiving, the memory will be fillfulled soon. After this, messages will stay in SMSC for a while and I think that this is not good, for example because delivery reports to the sender are not sent, and you cannot know the validity period (some messages can be lost forever). After all, you will have two kind of problematic messages: received but unprocessed, and messages which are not even received...

I think that you could receive any incoming messages, at any time. In the eventhandler, you can check if the remote server is reachable, and process the message with it. It it's not reachable, or the processing has failed, move the message to the failed_remote_server folder. At the same time, you can create an administrative message, SMS and/or e-mail to the administrator, which can detect and resolve the failure.

Then you can have a script, using cron or regular_run, to check the content of failed_remote_server folder. If there are any messages, they can be re-processed, and so on. This same script could check the outgoing queue on a remote server and pick up a messages.

Oct 2009
Location: Latvia
Topic owner
You understood correctly :) Soory for my English!

I have similar idea of yours just difference is to left all comunication with remote server to regular_run/cron.
That checks incoming folder and on success move them to f.ex. folder sent_to_remote_server.
On failures start to count times or time interval after that sends an info to admin.

  This topic is locked

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