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[re-opened] {Off Topic} {Off Project or not?} MMS Again

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Aug 2009
Location: Mexico DF, Mexico
I see the topic in what you told that will not implement MMS in this project.

But, i need to implement this in my project !! :)

I see mbuni ( ), i need a solution like this, but in order to send mms with a modem
(MM1) i need this commercial pluggin "VAS Gateway GPRS/EDGE Modem (MM1) Plug-in"

I was emailed 3 times and fill your web form to mbuni people but nothing answered.

I see too that the last release of this project are in 2008-07-28 v1.4.0 released! See ChangeLog for details on changes, fixes and enhancements

Anybody know if this project are alive or its a dead project?

Sorry about talk about another project here, my administrator friend !! :)
But i need to implement this...My customers ask me about MMS,
if you have a commercial solution i will very glad to see this.

Thank to all in advance


May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Why not to use Kannel and mbuni, as they already provide the MMS gateway?

I have played with the MMS, but at the time a different solution was selected. Right now I do not have a complete MMS gateway which could be published.

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
This topic was [outdated] and therefore closed, but I re-opened it...

Have you checked the Kannel?

I have been in the believe that Kannel can do MMS (with mbuni), and therefore it makes no sense to write a complete new open-source application by me. But if I'm wrong, and there surely is no any solution available in the market, I have to think this again ;).

Aug 2009
Location: Mexico DF, Mexico
Topic owner
Hi keke, how are you, thank you for your answer.

Look , im trying with kannel + mbuni for a few time but i cant do that this work.

I follow all steps for send a mms in MM1(modem) mode, but no...

Also kannel + mbuni have a very hard configurations issues, i think.

Talking about mbuni, i think too thak the project is a little dead, the last update is on

2008-07-28 v1.4.0 released! See ChangeLog for details on changes, fixes and enhancements

The mailing list and support (mbuni) have a very low traffic.

Also Mbuni depends kannel, and im very glad using SMS Server tools for your simplicity
and your support :)

Please consider it !, at least a little mms server that can encoding-send and receive-decoding MMS via MM1.

Anybody can donate some money for this project??

Anybody can contribute or help to programming?

Thank you!

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Have you checked any commercial solutions, or services, which are available and ready to use?

If any of them is not suitable for your purposes, do you perhaps need a support with installing Kannel and mbuni? I'm not currently offering support for those applications, but probably someone else does.

Apr 2011
Location: Viseu / Viseu / Portugal, Portugal
Hi Keke!

In the past, I did tried install and configure Kannel to send MMS! In fact, its very hard to make it run.

I'm wondering if you would really like to start an MMS service project?

I'm almost certain that Members will help, donating something to see raising an MMS service!

I think it will the cherry on the top of the cake!

But why am I reenforcing this question?

I'm starting an wide and national totally free human project among a group of people. This project is made by people who will not earn nothing. Its a non-profit project.
This project includes national SMS & MMS. For beeing free, that's why i'm using playsms & smstools. Ohterwise we would call for sponsors.

But no. We want everything free of charges. And we are walking, step-by-step.
I can not reveal for now more details, but as soon as the project really starts running, i'll be glad to show what this project is, what does it mean and where can it go.

I think once more, that members will be gratefull and quite shure they will help.

Would you think about it?

Best Regards

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