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[answered] samsung -> recived sms delete problem

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Author Post
Jun 2010
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Operating system name and version: Win XP / CYGWIN
Version of smsd: Smsd v3.1.8
Smsd installed from: package repository
Name and model of a modem / phone: Samsung SGH-U800
Interface: USB

Hi all,

i have allready spent hours of seeking how to get it works, but still nothing.
My primary issue is that smsd recive sms from phone, bud sms stays in phone memory and i cant make smsd to remove them.

Once msg arrives, smsd found it and save it to the folder - ok - but luck to delete it from phone (stored at SIM).

I have tried to set up check_memory_method to all options one by one and nothing help. Then i tried to combine settings with cmgl_value and still nothing.

Where im doing something wrong ?

Here is a smsd.conf and system logs follow as next:

Thanks for any tips or advise.

Regards, Petr

Jun 2010
Location: Prague, Czech Republic
Topic owner
Problem is solved. Phone keeps the last SMS on SIM until he recive another one. In case of more incoming in same time, the last one will stay on sim to next recive.

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
What your setup and smsd.log shows, is:

- A setting needs_wakeup_at = yes is not required. This provides an unexpected input to be logged.

- Default value for check_memory_method should work with a setting memory_start = 0. But other methods are better than a default method.

- A setting check_memory_method = 31 probably works, but the cmgl_value was defined incorrectly. It's not a command string, it's a value for a command "AT+CMGL=" and your setting surely provided an error. You could try with a default value which is 4.

- You are using a dual-memory handler, but there is no memory named "EM". There is "ME", and you probably meant it.

- It looks like check_memory_method 2 works. In the log the command AT+CMGD=0 gets OK, not ERROR, and after an incorrect try to change the memory, the command CMGD gets empty brackets which is correct and means that messages are not staying in the phone.

  This topic is locked

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