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[answered] how to make/modify eventhandler?

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Aug 2010
Location: Malang, Indonesia
hello I'm new member in this forum..,,
I have a final project on my college, and I try to design application SMS Gateway system to access Index achievement value for student, in this application I use SMStools3, and I don't know how to modify script eventhandler in smstools to conform with the system.
Can you give me some example script, and tell me how to modify the script on eventhandler, and explain the function of each script. because I'm just common people and never know before about smstools. :'(
thank you very much, God bless you.. :P

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
You question is very broad... :P

An eventhandler can be a program or script written using any language. Just select your favorite programming language, and start writing... ;)

From this forum you can find some samples of eventhandlers, but they do not do exactly that what you are missing. You have to design your application more deeply, define storage etc., and then decide what kind of a functionality you want to implement.

If writing a script, one good choice is a Bash shell, and this page is a good place to start: Advanced Bash-Scripting Guide.

If you choose Bash shell, and you are using MySQL database, check this post. It contains pretty good eventhandler, written by almangkok. This eventhandler handles keywords from incoming SMS, interacts with database, and sends an answer using SMS. I think that those elements are close to what you need.

Aug 2010
Location: Malang, Indonesia
Topic owner
thanks for your response, :P
I'll try to learn bout this..,,
may sometimes I'll ask more questions to you.. :D
God bless you...

  This topic is locked

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