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[answered] SMS System

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Jan 2011
Location: Jacksonville, United States of America
Name and model of a modem / phone: Cinterion TC85 GSM Modem (Simmons type?)
Interface: serial

I need to create a system where 1,000's of devices send txt messages to a data center. 99% of txt msg's will be incoming.

how do i determine the throughput of 1 modem.
how would i go about redundancy?
uilitize more than 1 modem for receiving? ( hardware runs itself. has 1 phone # programmed)

and anything else i'd need or think about for commercial use?

Thanks in advance!

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Usually receiving of messages is quite fast, but it depends on many things, including speed of SMSC and load of GSM network etc. You could set up a server with single TC85, test sending and receiving, and then switch off the modem and using another system send some 100 - 200 SMS to the modems SIM. After all messages are sent, switch on TC85 and start the smsd. From the log you can see what is the throughput with your hardware and with the GSM network in your country.

Assuming that all devices will send messages to the single phone number, more than one modem cannot be used for receiving.

In commercial usage spare modems should be available, and the system should have additional modem for testing and monitoring purposes. With single SIM in the main usage there is not much redundancy. Some "watchdog" or "supervisor" application is usually a good thing, preferably running on a different server.

  This topic is locked

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