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[answered] Multiple Modems

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Author Post
Feb 2011
Location: New Delhi, India
Operating system name and version: Debain Lenny
Version of smsd: 3.1.14
Smsd installed from: sources / package repository / from elsewhere...
Name and model of a modem / phone: USB Modem
Interface: serial / USB / some adapter...


I have more than one user in my Playsms users account & would like to allocate different modem(Different Phone number) to send SMS to each user account.

Please advice how to configure the same

Thanks & regards


May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
In any case you need to define queues, see Configuring Providers for details.

I assume that in playSMS you cannot define different headers (in message file) for different users, so external solution is required. This script may do the job, define it as a checkhandler in the global part of smsd.conf:

checkhandler = /usr/local/bin/


# This sample assumes that the filename is in the following format,
# and for example 1 or 12 defines a playSMS user:
# out.PV.1.222
# out.PV.12.333


if [ "${tmp:0:7}" == "out.PV." ]; then
  case "$id" in
    1) queue="QUEUE1";;
    7) queue="QUEUE2";;
    8|9|10) queue="QUEUE3";;

  if [ -n "$queue" ]; then
    tmp=`mktemp /tmp/smsd_XXXXXX`
    cp "$1" $tmp
    formail -f -I "Queue: $queue" < $tmp > "$1"
    unlink $tmp

exit 0
'bash' Syntax Highlight powered by GeSHi

Adjust correct queue for correct used id's inside the case -esac.

  This topic is locked

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