Ubunto 64bits 11:10 desktop:
3.1.14 SMS3:
Smsd installed from: http://smstools3.kekekasvi.com/index.php?p=packages
12 Hauwei E220 :


I did tests with Ubuntu 32bit and SMS3 in a simple machine without RAID and all was OK. 100%.

To have security in the data, I started using a HP PROLIANT ML110 G5 INTEL XEON RAID 1, which made me use Ubuntu 64bit. (only way to be recognized RAID on HP)

After installing the 64bit, SMS3 no longer works.

To make sure it was something related to 64bit Ubuntu, I installed SMS3 the same server with an Ubuntu LIVE CD's 32 bits, with the same smsd.conf and messages were sent.

I found strange, because I read in the forum that upgrading from previous versions, since corrected the problem.

Is there any solution or should I install on 32bit and lose the RAID, as the ML110 RAID only works with 64-bit system?

Thank you and Congratulations for the wonderful project!

Maneco Gomes