Operating system name and version: Windows Xp Pro SP3
Version of smsd: 3.1.14 (run as service of Windows)
Smsd installed from: souce
Name and model of a modem / phone: TELTONIKA mod. MODEMCOM/G10
Interface: serial port (COM1)

Good morning.
I apologize in advance for my bad English!

I'm using this product for some time.
My "server" is operational 24 hours.
On this server an application generate data that, upon user request and in three bands of day, it transmit using SMS.

During this period, I have been able to verify the proper functioning of the system but using different modems because I have often encountered problems that were blocking the sending of SMS.

Today, using TELTONIKA, I have obtained operating time for a week (before manual intervention).
This is my simple config file:

Analyzing the log file, I verified that the system hangs - after several days of regular operation - when checking if the modem is ready.

Here's an excerpt from the log file:

Unfortunately, after this event, the system does not work anymore!
To restore operation, I am forced to intervene manually:
1) Stop the service (SMSD.exe)
2) Run "Hyper Terminal" and reset the modem (AT&F&W)
Often this is not enough and I am forced to remove the modem's power.

I don't know more what to do.
I hope in your suggest
Thanks in advance

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