I've been using smstools for a while now with a couple of real modems, and two 'web SMS provider' modems. This way, I use smsd for the demon, logging, and in case of web failure can move a message to the real modem queue (thus, bulk rates and reliability)

The way I've been doing this is by creating a modem with modem_disabled = yes, and the eventhandler script deals with the html, failure and/or success logging.

Obviously this is a hack, going around SMSTOOLS itself to make this work (the eventhandler only gets called with event SENT, and I manually move it to a FAILED queue, etc), as well as eventhandler doing a lot of the stuff smstools would normally do.

Has anyone modified the code to do what I'm trying to do - but run a script (or a piece of C code) as a complete custom modem? I was very interested in the telnet-modem patch in these forums, but that all happens before the code chunk I want to bypass.

My C skills are rusty, so before I dive in, can anyone share their start down this path?