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[answered] Sending Priority

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Jul 2009
Location: Philippines

Good day to you.

I have a little concern on the sending priority of the messages on queue. How does smsd prioritize the order of the sms for sending?

I am using WATCH command in linux to help me in observing this concern. I can monitor that the file that currently being process for sending will have a duplicate copy with extension .LOCK and then after a few second it will disappear, meaning its either the sms was successfully sent or failed.

I just noticed that sometimes, the FIFO process is not being observed here specially when there is like 50 messages on the queue.

I hope you could enlighten me on this...

My naming pattern is based on the incrementing value of the id of message.
example: sendOut_00001, sendOut_00002, sendOut_0003, sendOut_00004

Thanks again

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Smsd processes outgoing files using directory order. Whole directory is read and each time when an older file is found, it's selected. There is also priority handling, but I assume that you are not using it.

When a large number of files are created and simultaneously sent, there will be empty slots in the begin of directory structure and those slots are reused by the OS. For example, file sendOut_00005 may go to the position 10 (in directory order) but sendOut_00006 may go to the position 2. They may have exactly the same timestamp because on Unix time resolution for files is one second. File sendOut_00006 is found first and sendOut_00005 is not selected because it's not older. So it can be said that FIFO works within one second resolution.

Does this equal to your test results?

  This topic is locked

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