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[answered] ID-ing message before creating SMS-file

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Aug 2011
Location: Syktyvkar, Russian Federation
Operating system name and version: OpenSuse
Version of smsd: 3.*
Smsd installed from: sources
Name and model of a modem: hyuiawei e155 (or alike, sorry =) )
Interface: USB

Hi all!

I got all things up and running and my question is a bit specific: is there some way to link message I'm composing and sending to smsd with one I'm recieving from evenhandler?

It was brief, now I'll try to describe situation a bit more.

We have oracle DBMS on one side and OpenSUSE linux with SMS Server Tools and a couple of USB modems installed on the other one. We manage to put most of the work on DBMS, so on linux machine I configured smsd.conf as "one queue - one device" and configured providers, tarification, etc. on DBMS side.
So now I can decide which device is better to send SMS with infinite variations of limits =).
Then, on DBMS side I compose SMS file and put it on linux directory in incoming folder to smsd to take it and process. Then evenhandler puts all reports back in database.

For better tarification I want to count message I'm going to send before I create sms-file. It's not a problem to insert a row in database, it's problem then to link report, sended with eventhandler, with row I inserted in database before creating sms-file.

As I see, common are only message itself and target no, but if we occasionaly sent same message to the same target within small amount of time (i.e. at the same time) using same device - then we are stuck. Or am I wrong?

Hope I was clear.
And hope you'll help me.

Thanks forward.

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
SMS standard does not describe any field which can contain ID set by sender, and which is returned when somebody answers to message. And "reply" is not a reply like with e-mail, it's just a new SMS.

If I understood correctly, your system is first creating row into database, and then it creates outgoing SMS file, right? In this case you could use some additional header in the SMS file, like DBMS_ID: <unique identifier>. Eventhandler can then use this identifier for searching for the correct row when SMS is sent. Eventhandler could also store msgid into database. Later, when status report is received, this id can be used for finding the correct row.

If you send many messages to the same target at the same time, you need to use some keyword in the answers.

Aug 2011
Location: Syktyvkar, Russian Federation
Topic owner
I clearly understand that it is not a SMS standart to fall back in this question.

And now I see, that idea with additional header is quite a simple one. I don't know why, but I was sure that we cannot use user-defined headers in sms file. Now I see, that it's just a matter of evenhandler which fields to process.

Thanks a lot for answer! It really helped!

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