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Bidirectional Email Gateway

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Dec 2011
Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

I would like to setup a multi user bi-directional email to sms gateway. Is this possible with SMS Server Tools?

I would like to enable a select group of internal email address to send emails through the gateway and if the recipient replies then the message gets sent back to the mailbox of the original sender.

I'm sure the first part is easy and in my searching I've seen how that can be done. It's the replies that I'm not sure about. Will the reply message have enough information to allow me to send back to the correct email address?

Has anyone done this and can point me to some documentation? Preferrably on a Linux system.


David Kirk

Apr 2011
Location: athens, Greece
You need to write an action for the received sms, and expand from there...
Here is an example in perl. This script is called by sms3 server everytime a message is received.
Receives commands, and sends replies according to content.
If command is not understood, it is send to a default email.
With a little coding you can do what you wish.
The command ip will return ip address from interface ppp0. Modify as needed
command sw will execute the linux w command and return output via sms.
You can add commands as you like.
Runs on centos 5.x, you might need to install perl additional modules
cpan is your friend.
This script has been working from me for quite some time.
I have removed some custom commands that would be difficult to explain.
(but might be a few code leftovers.)
Some perl knowledge is required, nothing special though.
Also, if the script is run by hand, it parses a text file, and sets debug to 1
so you can fix your script without actually sending sms.
The file should be obtained from sms3d server incoming files.

Enjoy :)

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