First of all thanks for sharing such a wonderful software for free. i m trying to build a automatic sms server.
Smstools3 software and its documentation helped me very much.But still i have a lot of questions about it.
I hope no one mind answering them.

1. Can i build a fake sms sending and receiving service for development and testing which is done in kannel sms server?

2. Is there any performance/reliability difference between usb modems and serial modems (i actually want to use usb modems )?

3. Instead of sending sms i want to do something with my sms server. I want to access my sim tool kit . How can i access my sim tool kit menu and give input ?
I have found many AT commands to access sim tool kit but can not understand them clearly.
For example: my sim has a SIM tool kit with 6 menu called Menu1, Menu2, Menu3.....Menu6.
the menu1 has 2 sub menu called sub1ofMenu1, sub2ofMenu1.
when i enter into sub1ofMenu1 it ask me to input a number.after pressing ok it asks for the same input for verification. after pressing ok it ask me another input and after this another input....and last it does something (may b send some sms).
would anyone plz tell me how can i access the whole process with a single AT command ?

4. In smstools3 AT commands are used like this "AT+command", but i found some people uses "AT#command","AT@command","AT*command","AT^command".
Is there any difference between these commands?
5. Does smstools3 deletes the incoming msz from the sim/modem memory after/before writing them into files?

Plz someone answer my question, especially no 3.

Thanks .