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can SMS tools run through UDP protocol?

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Mar 2012
Location: Liberec, Czech Republic
OS : Centos 5.3
Version : 3.1.14
Smsd installed from: sources
Name and model of a modem / phone: Siemens M55i modem through Gnome 232 LAN>COM converter
Interface: LAN, serial

I have 2 smsd servers with the same configurations and one modem connected through LAN>COM converter. When I turn on one server, it connects to the modem without the problem, but then the other server's smsd.log says "cannot connect socket @", error: connection refused. I was told it's the converter that can manage only 1 TCP connection at a time. So my question is - how to setup SMS tools to use UDP communication rather than TCP?
Thanks in advance for any support :)

Apr 2011
Location: Kupchino, Russian Federation
smsd cannot use UDP. But it doesn't matter, because it wouldn't help you anyway. Several servers cannot use the same modem with serial interface simultaneously even if it is available via network, just because the modem is designed to use the only connection.

Irrespective of protocol you would need to synchonize the servers to use the modem exclusively. And it doesn't look like a wise setup.

BTW, what is the reason not to use just the only server?

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