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AT+CNMI does not indicate new SMS

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Nov 2012
Location: Pernambuco, Brazil
Operating system name and version: Ubuntu
Version of smsd: none
Smsd installed from: none
Name and model of a modem / phone: LG A230 mobile phone
Interface: Bluetooth (rfcomm)

Hi everyone,

I've just found out about smstools and I'll try it later. Right now I've got a problem and ask for your help.
I'm trying to use a normal mobile phone (LG A230) as a modem for sending and receiving SMS. I'm using RFCOMM (bluetooth) and I'm able to communicate with the phone without any problem (/dev/rfcomm1).
What bugs me is the fact that the indication of new incoming message is not working at all.

Using the command AT+CNMI=? the mobile will answer:

+CNMI: (0-2),(0-3),(0-3),(0-2),(0-1)

Then I will set AT+CNMI=2,3,3,1,1 (or many other combinations) but the mobile never gives back an unsolicited result code when I send messages to the phone.

Phone will receive the SMS and light the display to show the receipt of a new message but the indication of new message via unsolicited AT command never shows up.

I've also heard that +CNMI indications will only work when we enable Message Service with AT+CSMS=1

It didn't make difference on my tests to use AT+CSMS=1 and besides the fact that other AT commands do work as expected with this mobile phone the issue with AT+CNMI is a real mystery to me.

I can't use USB or serial modems, I need to use a regular mobile phone to send and receive SMS because I'll also need to pick up calls when people calls me back after reading the messages sent by me. This way I can continue to send more and more SMS while answering the calls at the same time. I've choose the model A230 from LG because it is a cheap phone with bluetooth and also USB data cable.

Devices created by this phone on Linux are:
/dev/rfcomm0 (bluetooth)
/dev/ttyACM0 (USB data cable)

My tests were done using MINICOM on UBUNTU 32bits running at an HP notebook with a bluetooth USB dongle.

Three years before a user called "Kulma" posted a problem here just like mine. He was using Huawei 3G modem and "keke" (administrator) answered him asking for the AT command set of Huawei modems. I've already tried to get it from Huawei support team but they are so stupid that they say it is CONFIDENTIAL information. Would you believe that ? I will never buy a product from Huawei.

Anyway, if someone has experienced some thing like I've mentioned here regarding the +CNMI issue please report your solutions.

Thank you all and keep up the good work with smstools.

Nov 2012
Location: Pernambuco, Brazil
Topic owner
Hi again,

I've made more tests using another mobile phone with Mediatek firmware (Chinese brand) but it also didn't work.
The mobile phones seems to recognize each and every AT command entered via MINICOM but the incoming message indicator (+CMTI) is never fired when the mobile phones receive SMS.

Did anyone here experienced using a mobile phone to receive SMS on Linux ?

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