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Multiple Modem/SIM for national/international sendings

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Author Post
Aug 2011
Location: France, France
Operating system name and version: Debian 7.0 Wheezy (testing)
Version of smsd: 3.1.14-1.2
Smsd installed from: package repository
Name and model of a modem / phone: No idea...
Interface: serial


I have two modems, and I would like to setup things so that sms are written to a "generic" folder, then, according to the phone number, if it's for abroad it must use [GSM1], if it's for inside the country, it's for [GSM2].

I thought I might had to write a "daemon" or something tht would check the generic folder for new messages, then according to the number, would move the message to the "outgoing" folder for GSM1 or GSM2.

- Am I right in my thinking ?
- Does this already exist ?


Aug 2011
Location: France, France
Topic owner
Or.. I could just check the documentation ;) like this...

Sorry for the noise, I'll only come back if I have trouble...

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Also check Using Type Of Address selection. You need to use To_TOA header, or define international_prefixes / national_prefixes in the configuration.

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