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email2sms postfix and smstools

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Mar 2013
Location: United Kingdom
Operating system name and version: Ubuntu Server 12.04
Version of smsd: 3.1.15
Smsd installed from: sources
Name and model of a modem / phone: Huawei
Interface: serial / USB / some adapter... USB

I have setup my webserver, with multiple domains and email and web pages all working fine.
installed sms server tools, and can send sms no problem.

I have configue my email and domains so that * all gets sent to (* could be any mobile number)

this is all working correctly.

my problem is, i can not get the emails for to be sent out as sms message. the message has so need to fetch that and then the body of the email for the actual sms message.

lots of help, assistace and guidance would be greatly apprecaited by this novice.

Mar 2013
Location: Germany

there are several ways to accomplish this.
At least you have to parse the mail for the necessary content, usually the original-to and the body (maybe the subject as well).
you have to extract these information from the mail (i did it by using formail and a modified version of "email2sms" delivered by smsservertools) and put it into the outgoing-folder.


Mar 2010
Location: Helsinki, Finland
You have two ways:


smsd: | /usr/share/smstools/scripts/email2sms

What that will do it will pipe all incoming mail for smsd user to email2sms script.

Use procmail delivery the email to the user,
add this to smsd users .procmailrc:

# cat .procmailrc

| /usr/share/smstools/scripts/email2sms

That will essentially do the same, but with logging if something goes b0rk.
I have set up the same thing, the script will pick the destination from To: field,
ie. To: and use that as Destination number.

ps. email2sms script file has few examples, including procmail one that I mentioned.

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