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[answered] Stefan Frings SMS Server Tool

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Feb 2011
Location: Uslar, Germany
Hoffentlich bin ich in diesem Forum richtig und jemand kann mir helfen.

Benutze ein Siemens MC35i
und die Software von Stefan Frings SMSTool

hier ist mein log

Bekomme Nachrichten aber kann keine senden.
hier ist meine smsd.conf:

# Example smsd.conf. Read the manual for a description

#devices = GSM1
#logfile = /var/log/smsd.log
#loglevel = 7

#device = /dev/ttyS0
#incoming = yes
#pin = 1111

devices = GSM1
logfile = /var/log/smsd.log
loglevel = 7
outgoing = /var/spool/sms/outgoing
checked = /var/spool/sms/checked
failed = /var/spool/sms/failed
incoming = /var/spool/sms/incoming
sent = /var/spool/sms/sent
stats = /var/smstools/stats
stats_interval = 3600
eventhandler = /usr/local/sbin/smsevent

device = /dev/ttyS0
smsc = 491710760000
#init = AT+CNMI=2,0,0,2,1
init= AT+CPMS="SM"
init2 = AT^SSMSS=1
incoming = yes....
memory_start = 1
mode = new
baudrate =19200
rtscts = yes
report = no
#pin = 1111
'smsdconf' Syntax Highlight powered by GeSHi

Wäre echt super wenn mir jemand helfen könnte.
Hab schon eine 2 Telefonkarte ausprobiert.

Gruß Sascha

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Always use international format for destination number. In your country you should send SMS to 49151xxxxxxxx instead of 0151xxxxxxxx.

There seems to be another problem too. You tried to send a word "Test", but the alphabet is incorrect for that. In your message file there likely is a header "Binary: yes", or "Alphabet: bin". If this is the case, remove that header.

Feb 2011
Location: Uslar, Germany
Topic owner

Das war der Fehler

Gruß Sascha

  This topic is locked

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