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APN Setup on wavecomm devices

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Mar 2014
Location: regina saskatchewan, Canada
Cent OS 6.4:
Smsd installed from: sources / package repository / from elsewhere...
Fastrack 3G Xtend:

Greetings SMS community,

I am planning a setup for a company to use a fast track SMS modem. To connect to a local vendor for service ( Telus in Canada ) i need to know how to set the APN of the device when it communicates.

How is the APN ( Access Point Name ) setup? Is it referred to under a different name in the documentation?

We are looking to use a Fastrack 3G Xtend from WaveComm and the current version of SMS Server Tools.

If there are any comments on this hardware they would be appreciated!

I could not find any other references to this on the forums or documentation.

Thank You!

Jun 2009
Location: Russian Federation
smsd does not use APN. It seems that your configuration is not supported by smsd.

Mar 2014
Location: regina saskatchewan, Canada
Topic owner
Thanks for your reply.

Apparently if the modem could not take a sim card the representative told me that an APN name could be used, but the hardware we are ordering does use a sim card so the APN alternative which as you have informed me is not an option anyway should not be a concern.

Feb 2013
Location: Edmonton / AB, Canada

We are looking at the Sierra Wireless AirLink FXT009. It is similar to the device you are working with. How did it go with your implementation? We are also looking to connect to the Canadian providers (Telus, Rogers, Bell).


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