Newbie here. How do we go about finding modems to buy that are supported by / work with SMS Tools 3?

I looked at the Hardware compatibility page which says: "The following list is incomplete and very old, mostly from the version 1.x times and it's not actively updated." I did not have any luck finding modems on that page ready for purchase ("1.x" also means "more than 10 years ago", right?)

And so now I'm a little confused... Does SMS Server Tools 3 work with virtually all USB modems? If not, how can I know what to buy?

Keke has said in Cheap GSM phones with USB port for Smstools that "I do not know about Nokia 105 SS, or currently about any phone." but also did recommend A Huawei E353 from Hong Kong-based https://www.fasttech.com.

Does this mean that all Huawei E353 are supported or could chip sets vary even with the same model number? We'd also much prefer to buy from a Europe-based shop, e.g. amazon or conrad for purchase safety and to avoid import tax. this Huawei E353 on amazon says it has a "Socket to external antenna CRC 9" which we like! Can we be (relatively) sure it'll work with SMS server tools 3?

I can also see in the version history (3.x) that "ConiuGo GPRS GSM Quadband Modem LAN" *is* supported (although not cheap). Are there any cheaper supported/working IP/LAN based modems available (that would work from a virtual machine without real USB ports?)

We'd like to provide SMS functionality to our customers, that install our Linux-based software on-site. We're thinking SMS Server Tools 3 and a modem. Some of the customers are on real HW and so want a USB-based modem to keep things simple. Some are running under virtualization (e.g. VMware) and therefore can only connect to hardware with an IP address. Many are in basements and/or server racks/rooms where an external antenna is a must.

Sorry for the length. This post has been building up for a while...

Thank you for your efforts!

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