Welcome to SMSTools3 Community discussion board.

Some rules to keep this community clean and useful for all users:

- Do not post any illegal or offensive content, or links to this kind of material.
- Select the most appropriate forum for your post.
- Do not crosspost.
- Use a descriptive title, "plz help" is not enough.
- Do not publish passwords, E-mail addresses or phone numbers here.

If sending a piece of logfile or configuration file, remove phone numbers. Use code block with long pieces.

In some cases it is important to see the original and unaltered PDU string. You can protect it by using private block. Private block works like code block, but it's content is only visible for administrators and for the member who created a topic.

For example:
[private]This is secret.[/private] creates:

Hidden private text.

for visitors and members other than you.

Please do not write your whole message inside the private block, in this case anyone else cannot help you or share the information...

If a private block is used in the answer, it's visible for the member who wrote an answer, for the member who created a topic, and of course for administrators.