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[answered] How to match the sent and the received msg 1 to 1 ?

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Aug 2010
Location: beijing, China
Hi keke :

I send many messages to a shot number and it returns messages to the modem .

but , the incoming msg is not in the order of sending msg . for some reason , the first sending msg will not the first one coming back .

Is there an uniq order_id or something to match the sent and the received msg ?


May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
There is no any id which can be used for this purpose.

You should send only one message at a time and wait until an answer is received. Then send the next message, and wait again.

If I should make this kind of a functionality, it could be the following (just an idea, not tested):

- All outgoing messages are placed into the outgoing directory, as usual.
- Those messages which should get a "return message", have extra header: "Waiting_for_return_message: yes".

- Another directory is required: "outgoing_next".

- Checkhandler script should check the outgoing directory:
- - If there are more than one messages to the same number and with "waiting" header, the oldest one is kept and other messages are moved to the "outgoing_next" directory.

- The oldest one message is then spooled and sent.

- Eventhandler script should check incoming message:
-- If in the "outgoing_next" directory there are messages to the same number, the oldest one is moved to the outgoing directory.

- If, at the same time, new messages are created into the outgoing directory, the checkhandler will keep the oldest one (which was now moved back) and other messages are moved to "outgoing_next".

  This topic is locked

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