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[solved] weared characters in sms message

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Author Post
Aug 2011
Location: Netherlands
Operating system name and version: Ubuntu 10.04
Version of smsd: 3.1.6
Smsd installed from: ?
Name and model of a modem / phone: Sierra Wavecom Airlink
Interface: USB

When I use normal characters in my sms message, it is received and displayed correctly. However when I use a special character, the message length is reduced and I get question marks between the characters, like:

P�V� �a�d�m�i�n� �-T�e�s�t� �m�e�s�s�a�g�e

In this message I used a pipe "|" character (from a HTC phone). This message sent to another phone would not have given a problem.

Is this a problem of the encoding by the sending phone or should I modify the settings in smsd.conf? No idea how...

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
When you type characters outside the GSM alphabet, phone automatically switches alphabet to Unicode. By default smsd does not decode this text. It is stored as it was received, and in the message file there is a header Alphabet which tells the encoding. Put the setting decode_unicode_text = yes to the global part or modem settings in smsd.conf, and your message should be shown properly (decoding in that version works with latin character sets).

Hidden private text.

Aug 2011
Location: Netherlands
Topic owner
Thanks keke, this solved the problem :D !

  This topic is locked

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