Dear KEKE:

Nice to contact you again:

I always with the same problem : Some days I can send a lot of SMS with the SMSD software and another days, its impossible to send SMS at all (with the same equipment and the same configuration file and with the same modem)

But today a made a test, with very interesting result for me:

1- I start to send SMS with one modem, and sent 10 o 15 SMS without any problem. After that, the ERROR 500 appear and stop sending at all. (see smsd log file)

2 - In this point, I kill the process, and start a little application that came with the modem and from my operator (Personal). With this software I sent 4 or 5 SMS without problems.

3 - After that, I stopped the process, and restart the smsd . The ERROR 500 appear inmediatly.

I install a Monitor software (Advanced USB Port Monitor) and try to capture the dialog with the operator software and with the smsd software.
I only capture the operator operation (see the file), because the smsd not allow me capture the dialog.

In this point I arrived at two conclusions:

a) There is a network problem. Because some days I can send, and some days (mostly), I can`t.

b) There is a different dialog with the two software, and seems that the operator software, has a little difference that permit send SMS, in the same "bad network scenario"

I send you by mail the two files (the operator trace and the smsd log file)

I don`t know if you can help me with this, but I appreciate very much your hand

Thanks a lot