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how many sms can be send in 1 minute?

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Aug 2011
Location: heilbronn, Germany
Operating system name and version: win, linux
Version of smsd: none
Smsd installed from: not installed
Name and model of a modem / phone: none
Interface: none

english is not my native language so please have some pation.

i am currently developing a application. members of a group are telling on witch place a speed measurment currently is. the group has about 4000 members (and growing) the aplication works like this. a php webpage, the member can enter the location (via textfield or google map) and mark the speed-trap. location is stored in database. all others should recive a message. currently a mail. but i would like to send users witch give their mobile number a sms. so i searched the i-net and found some comercial products and this page. assuming i have a gsm-card using simcard ( with sms flatrate) in a linux box. how many sms can sms server tool send in one minute.

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Single GSM modem can send about 8-10 SMS in 1 minute. The speed depends on the length of SMS, and on the load of GSM network. Smstools can handle 32 or even up to 64 modems in single GNU/Linux server. If more than one modem is used, all of them will have SIM card with a different phone number, which cannot be changed.

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