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[answered] 8-bit SMS text encoding

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Aug 2011
Location: Slovak Republic
Operating system name and version: Ubuntu 64bit
Version of smsd: v3.1.10
Smsd installed from: package repository (if I remember correctly ...)
Name and model of a modem : Teltonika (xyz...)
Interface: USB


I'd like to send messages encoded in Latin-1 (or ISO-8859-15 or simply "ISO", does not matter). If I understand it right, the SMS message can contain up to 140 of these 8-bit characters, which is significantly more then 70 16-bit UCS2 characters...

I have no problems sending messages with e.g. Slovak characters in UCS2, but I'm failing in sending it in "ISO". Such message, when received on my cell phone, shows up as it was sent in "plain" GSM encoding, i.e. without diacritic.

For example, the message sent from SMS Tools encoded ISO-8859-15 containing ISO-8859-15-supported characters "" with "Alphabet: ISO" shows in the received message on my cell phone as " aaa", i.e. only GSM characters left, others changed to "a". When I send the message in UCS2 (more precisely encoded UFT-8 with "Alphabet: UFT-8", which gets converted by checkhandler), message is displayed on my cell phone correctly as "".

Could anybody help me with sending the "true" 8-bit ISO messages with (ISO-supported) diacritic?

Thank you,

May 2009
Location: Jyväskylä, Finland
Message with 140 8-bit characters is a binary message. Usually those messages are ring tones etc.

Set the encoding of your terminal to ISO-8859-15 and create the following SMS file:

Smstools will send it as 8-bit, but usually phones do not support this message format. If your phone supports it, you are lucky. My N95 can show this kind of message in the list, but does not open it. If the phone does not handle this format, there are not other choices left than UCS2 or "optical" replacement with GSM alphabet.

Aug 2011
Location: Slovak Republic
Topic owner
Thank you Keke!

now I understand the problem a bit deeper ...

  This topic is locked

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